Chris Tiu plays piano covers of Crash Landing On You soundtrack as ‘distraction’ from COVID news


“Stay home, stay healthy. Maybe better to catch the CLOY virus instead hehe.”

As Metro Manila is placed under a month-long community quarantine, Chris Tiu took a step back from all the COVID-19 news by playing piano covers of the soundtrack of the hit K-drama Crash Landing On You (CLOY).

A certified CLOY fan, the businessman and former PBA player took to Instagram to post a piano medley of the songs Flower, It’s Destiny, Photo of my Mind and Song for Brother. It came with a note urging his followers to be cooperative amid the lockdown to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

“For the crazy CLOY fans like myself who cannot get enough of Seri and Captain Ri, here are some songs that will bring back the sweet & heartbreaking scenes from that series we can’t get over :)) While we are on lockdown, we must all do our part as citizens to prevent the further spread of this pandemic virus,” he wrote.

“The least we can do is try not get ourselves and families infected. Stay home, stay healthy. Maybe better to catch the CLOY virus instead hehe #cloy,” he added.

He also played another song titled Give you My Heart, which he recommends for relaxation and a good cry to release all that stress.

“Here’s another one to relax and cry. For me this is the most powerful scene in the movie, where they say their last goodbyes. I can watch it again & again & still get teary eyed,” he wrote.

The last one Chris did was a piano cover of All of My Days.

“This song wasn’t played a lot in the series but it is probably my favourite OST. I can remember it was played after her surprise birthday greeting when she walks out of her apartment crying, scared. Then Captain Ri goes after her… ☺️ no more spoiling for those who haven’t watched. Hehe,” Chris wrote.

He explained he is playing the piano covers provides a “slight distraction” from all the COVID news.

“Anyway sorry for bombarding with CLOY songs but for me it serves as a slight distraction from all the COVID news. Thought might as well share it with fellow CLOY fans hehe hope you like them.”

“Praying for everyone’s safety, especially the elderly and all our doctors and healthcare workers who have been sacrificing quietly to care for those in need. We pray for wisdom, perseverance in these trying times. Thank you to all those serving!! Your work is truly heroic!” he ended.

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