Who will survive in Kingdom Season 2?


The zombies are back and the battle for survival continues as Season 2 of the hit South Korean series Kingdom starts streaming today (March 13) on Netflix.

New titles are already available on the streaming service by 4 p.m.

Park Byung-eun (right) and Ju Ji-hoon in Kingdom Season 2. Photo courtesy of Netflix

The second season picks up where the first-season finale left off.

After the outbreak of a mysterious plague turns Joseon into chaos, the Cho family’s evil plot to take over the kingdom grows even stronger. In a desperate attempt to save the people from the attacks, the crown prince engages in a blood battle to fight the living and stop the dead.

Kingdom Season 2 brings back stars Ju Ji-hoon as the crown prince Lee Chang, Ryu Seung-ryong as Chief State Councilor Cho Hak-ju, and Bae Doona as the physician Seo-bi.

Who do you think will survive the tsunami of zombies this time around?

Check out the key characters fighting for their lives and what they stand for.

Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji-hoon)

His investigation into the plague’s origins leads back to the palace.

Chang, who had reached Dongnae at the southernmost tip of Joseon to face the true nature of the plague, now returns to the palace after penetrating endless barricades of the infected. Throughout the return journey to Hanyang, he witnesses the abject day-to-day realities the people face, and he deliberates on what he can do and what he must do as a ruler. 

Cho Hak-ju (Ryu Seung-ryong)

The Chief State Councilor will stop at nothing to rule over Joseon.

Cho Hak-ju, who exercises greater power than the king himself in governing Joseon, once again accuses the plague-fighting Lee Chang of high treason. Cho’s self-conviction and greed for power know no bounds, and he fears nothing.

Seo-bi (Bae Doona)

The physician will risk her life to find the source of the plague.

She is the disciple of the physician Lee Seung-hui who revived the dead king. In the perpetually foggy Frozen Valley, she finally discovers the Resurrection Plant that was the source of the plague. The infected, now active even during the daytime, compels her to journey to Hanyang with Beom-pal to learn more about the epidemic. 

Mu-yeong (Kim Sang-ho)

Crown Prince’s Guard leaves his pregnant wife behind to serve him.

Mu-yeong has kept the closest watch over the crown prince. Now accused of the same treason and fighting the same atrocious battles, he keeps a protective watch over Chang in silence. But Mu-yeong becomes increasingly perturbed as suspicion grows about an inside informer leaking Chang’s whereabouts. His concern for his pregnant wife left behind in Hanyang adds to his angst.

Deok-seong (Jin Seon-kyu)

The faithful servant will fight zombies alongside Ahn Hyeon.

As the right-hand man of Ahn Hyeon, Deok-seong serves with devotion and steadfastness. He is the only person who knows the secret between Ahn Hyeon and Cho Hak-ju from three years ago when they formed an alliance to defeat the Japanese raiders. Deok-seong also discovers the true identity of Young-sin and keeps a mindful eye on his actions.

Young-sin (Kim Sung-kyu)

The master hunter fights by Chang’s side against the infected.

After witnessing the patients at Jiyulheon clinic turn into monsters, Young-sin joins Chang’s group in fighting against the infected. With his military background in the special Chakho tiger-hunting unit, he plays a key role in battling the infected with his agility and mastery of weapons. Many doubt his true intentions, however, because he is a taciturn man who hardly ever speaks his mind, and somehow knows exactly how to treat the plague.

Beom-pal (Jeon Seok-ho)

Another member of the Haewon Cho Clan, he witnesses Cho Hak-ju’s ambition.

As the new magistrate of Dongnae, he does not think twice before abandoning his subjects as the plague spreads overnight there. Although he is without any particular talent or intellect, his life is spared every time as a member of the powerful Cho Clan. While accompanying Seo-bi to Hanyang, Beom-pal witnesses firsthand the utter devastation caused by his power-hungry kinsmen.

Min Chi-rok (Park Byung-eun)

As head of the Royal Commandery Division, he investigates murders of pregnant women in Naeseonjae.

Despicable crimes point toward Naeseonjae, where the Queen has a private abode. Obsessively investigating these cases, Min Chi-rok suspects a conspiracy being played out and cautiously proceeds to find the truth about the Queen.

The Queen (Kim Hye-jun)

The ambitious Queen is determined to produce an heir to the throne and keep Joseon under her rule.

As the daughter of Cho Hak-ju, she is married off to the old king. Many see her as her father’s puppet, but she harbors ambition that surpasses her father’s. While Cho Hak-ju is away from the palace in Hanyang, she launches her plan to rise to power.

Lee Gang-yun (Kim Tae-hun)

The Head of the Royal Commandery Division is intent on finding Chang guilty of treason.

As the top-ranking military official and a loyal member of the Haewon Cho Clan, he carries out Cho Hak-ju’s every command. He poses one of the greatest threats to Chang on his return journey to Hanyang.

Head of In-house Servants (Kim Yoon-seong)

He is a faithful servant of Ahn Hyeon’s household.

As the leader of the in-house servants, he is another figure who knows his master’s secret.

Lord Ahn Hyeon (Heo Jun-ho)

Chang’s trusted former mentor, he saved the country from the Japanese invasion three years ago.

However, since that time, he has lived with a painful secret and a sense of guilt he cannot share with anyone else. As Chang’s trusted and respected former teacher, he tries to protect Chang by fighting against the infected and shielding him from Cho Hak-ju’s schemes.

Kingdom Season 2 premieres on Netflix on March 13.

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