‘It will feel like forever’: Andi Eigenmann on leaving baby Lilo for the first time


Actress and mother of two Andi Eigenmann took to Instagram to get a load off her chest. She shared she will be leaving her six-month-old baby for the first time with her partner Philmar Alipayo

“After almost six months, I am leaving Lilo for the very first time with papa on the island, because I will be busy filming a new movie,” she said. 

While she’s happy to be back in front of the camera soon, Andi admitted it’s painful for her to leave her “little one” and Philmar. 

“It will only be for a month, but that’s way too long for me to be away from my children. I know it will feel like forever. Specially because there’s a chance I’d miss out on some milestones,” she wrote. 

She continued on to thank Philmar and Lilo’s lolo and lola for helping them out. 

“I am gonna miss my little one sooo much!!!!! But I will be doing this for all of us! And after this will be so rewarding that we will all be complete again on the island hopefully in our new home sweet home!”

Andi is blessed with two daughters. Her eldest daughter with Jake Ejercito is Ellie. While her youngest, Lilo is with surfing champion Philmar Alipayo.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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