Luis Manzano responds to netizens accusing him of selling ‘overpriced’ masks


Luis Manzano has responded to some netizens who accused him of selling overpriced face masks amid the Taal Volcano eruption and ashfall situation.

In a response to Bianca Gonzalez’s tweet about looking for suppliers of N95 masks after local stores have run out of supply, the TV host and actor recommended checking his online shop Lucky and Lulu, saying that they still have stocks. ate, we have n95 masks there, check ‘friends’ section,” said Luis. 

Netizens who went to check out the link noticed that the price of the mask is much higher than the typical ones sold in drugstores. 

The N95 masks sold at the Lucky and Lulu store were priced at 690 per piece.

“N95 for 690 pesos? Are you even real??????????????? Pakiexplain @luckymanzano,” a Twitter user said. 

Replying to the tweet, Luis shared screenshots from their supplier which explained the specifications of the mask.

“The mask can be reused and hand washed with regular soap and hot/warm water. The filters are UK military grade it can withstand washing regularly,” the product description said. 

The TV host also noted that the price was just the same as before the Taal crisis. 

“These were our suppliers’ prices 15 weeks ago, so did we hoard ba? Nope! Nagtaas presyo ba? Nope! 🙂 Did we take advantage of the situation? Nope!” he said.

A netizen also came to the defense of Luis explaining that the masks are not similar to the typical ones sold in drugstores and are also priced the same as in other online shops.

Luis also hit back at other Twitter users who alleged that he took advantage of the situation. 

As of Monday night, the N95 masks at Luis’ online store have already been sold out. 

Following the Taal Volcano eruption last Sunday, people mostly living in the south rushed to drugstores to buy face masks to protect themselves from health hazards caused by the ashfall. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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