WATCH: Nico Bolzico gives crash course on pronouncing his daughter’s name


Nico Bolzico is already shaping up to become a good dad!

Early this week, the newbie dad posted a video teaching his fans how to pronounce his baby girl Thylane Katana’s name. 

The current meme sweeping the nation is purposefully mispronouncing celebrity names. Nico immediately hopped on the bandwagon and mentioned a few of his friends’ names before getting to his daughter’s.

“Learning with Bolz (newly created show). How to pronounce Thylane’s name and some other names that are usually missed pronounced! #LearningWithBolz #SosBolzProducciones #Baby Bolz,” he wrote in his caption.

From Wil Dasovich to El Dasovich to Matteo Porkbelly instead of Guidicelli — watch how Nico butchered different names, even his daughter’s!

Today, Nico posted a follow-up tutorial for everyone. 

“This is a follow-up tutorial for all of you to remember how to pronounce Thylane properly with a little trick that will help you remember,” he wrote.

First-time mom Solenn Heussaff gave birth to Thylane last January 1, 2020. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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