‘It’s been difficult’: James Reid on leaving Viva


Last October, James Reid confirmed he has left talent management company Viva. The actor admitted it has been difficult for him to get projects after leaving the agency. 

When asked if he would still be able to work with his girlfriend Nadine Lustre in future projects, James said they are trying to “work it out”. Nadine is still under the said management. 

“In the pipeline, no, not right now, Since I left VIVA, it’s been difficult. We’re waiting for things to settle down so we can work out how we can work together in the future. Currently, yes, I admit it’s challenging. But we’re trying to work things out. It’s very difficult to talk about it right now. But we’re just waiting for everything to be settled until we can work out how we can work together in the future,” he said in a report from Pilipino Star Ngayon.

James assured that him and Nadine are good and will definitely work together in the future. 

“But for sure me and Nadine are good. We’re definitely going to work together in the future. There’s no reason for us not to work together,” he added. 

At the moment, James is busy with his own management company, Reid Entertainment Inc. and his record label, Careless Music Manila. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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