‘Jesus Shoes’ with holy water in soles sell out in minutes


Around two dozens of customized Nike Air Max 97 shoes, with actual holy water injected in the soles, sold out within minutes after it was released by Brooklyn-based creative arts company MSCHF on Tuesday. 

A pair of “Jesus Shoes” originally retailed for $1,425 or around P74,000 but they are now being sold for $2,499 or around P129,000 on StockX.com. 

Each pair features around two ounces of water sourced from the River Jordan where it is believed to be the same river where Jesus was baptized. A steel crucifix on the lacing system and a Matthew 14:25 inscription on the toe box. The sneakers are also placed in a box that features a modified version of the Papal Seal, according to Footwear news. 

In an interview with The New York Post, MSCHF said the customized Nike shoes were released as a way of “trolling” the “collab culture”. 

“We were wondering, what would a collab with Jesus Christ look like?” MSCHF head of commerce Daniel Greenberg said in an article on The Post. 

The “Jesus Shoes”, however, is possibly MSCHF’s most viral creation and it received both positive and negative feedback from the sneakerheads. 

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Janelle Lorzano
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