‘My first idol and influence’: KC Concepcion’s touching tribute to mom Sharon


KC Concepcion made a touching tribute to her mom, Sharon Cuneta, calling her “my first idol, my first influence.”

In an Instagram post today (October 20) showing Sharon in the background while prepping up for her Iconic concert with Regine Velasquez at the Big Dome on Friday, KC said that the moment reminded her of her whole childhood.

“This moment reminds me of my whole childhood. How I grew up joining my mother on concert tours, watching her perform. I would see her getting all dolled up, preparing backstage and finally stepping on stage to perform with her heart and soul. I love this version of her,” KC said.

The 34-year-old daughter of Sharon with ex Gabby Concepcion went on to gush about being in the thick of all the action, a constant experience growing up with her Megastar mom.

“The music. The lights, the costumes, the makeup, the singing, the performing, the bands, the backup singers, audiences, speakers, lights, the stage, production, everything. The craft. All different genres of music,” she wrote.

“I grew up around it all. What a blessing it is to witness until today, my mother in concert. And how I get butterflies in my tummy watching everything come together to create a show.”

KC has taken a hiatus from the entertainment scene and is busy doing non-showbiz stuff like her fine jewelry business Avec Moi. In fact, based on her recent IG posts, she just flew in from another trip to the US. She is currently taking up gem and jewelry arts courses at the Gemological Institute of America.

Nevertheless, she thanked her Mama for exposing her to this world that she herself has come to embrace and love.

“Thank you mama for exposing me to this wonderful world from birth. My first idol, my first influence. It is and forever will be a big part of me.

“You’ve placed music, and this industry you love, in my own heart and soul. It is no wonder that I grew in me a love for this world, this work and this craft. You’ve taught me the value of loving our job and working hard.

“Whether it be as an actress, recording artist, performer, tv host, entrepreneur, I know true dedication is in constantly building and growing, getting up and to just keep going even when people don’t always see the process. I learned from you. And you have touched people’s lives through this, which inspires me the most.”

KC also shared IG stories from the Iconic concert, with her mom and Regine singing together and each other’s hits through the years.

The concert could be described as iconic in every way because it brought together for the first time two of the country’s biggest-selling recording artists.

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