Kid who went viral for ‘Happy 2 subscribers’ post gets shoutout from McDo

Mary Grace Escober, the nine-year-old girl who recently went viral for her “Happy 2 subscribers” Facebook post, just got a special shoutout from fast food giant McDonald’s.

The aspiring vlogger from Bacolod City previously made buzz online for preparing a simple feast to celebrate her first two subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

On Friday, McDonald’s in a Facebook post thanked Mary Grace for including a McDo meal alongside a cupcake and soft drink to mark her social media milestone, and for the reminder that even the littlest things are worth celebrating.

“Thank you, Mary Grace, for celebrating with a McCrispy Chicken Fillet Meal! At thank you rin for reminding us that doing what makes you happy is worth celebrating,” wrote Mcdo along with a congratulatory card for Mary Grace.

In a message to STAR’s, Mary Grace shared that the fast food chain also sent them food.

After Mary Grace’s appreciation post went viral, her subscribers grew from two to 100,000 overnight.

As of writing, she currently has over 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel which now features a Q&A and makeup vlog, among others.


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