‘It’s a song’: Jed Madela reacts to being called ‘ungrateful’ by former manager


By: Rie Realingo 

Singer Jed Madela comes forward as he reacts to his former manager describing him as “ungrateful” over a public post.

In an interview with ABS CBN news, Jed expressed his sentiments and opinions regarding the issue, stating that whatever has been occurring between both sides, is a family matter that is being dealt with privately.

The interviewer then tried to confirm whether Jed’s newly released song titled “I Wish You The Worst” is a diss track for the other camp. 

To which the singer immediately debunked, and as per Jed, was written by someone else and was just offered to him.

Wanting a new sound and trying to mix things up, he took the offer and recorded it saying, “You know naman, you have to go with the flow with things are now,”

“It’s a song,” Jed clarified, trying to dismiss any allegations of his intentions.

“Ako, I never stopped saying I’m grateful, sila naman ang nagsimula. […] In time kasi we all have to grow, and kami we have different priorities now,” the singer explained why they have eventually parted ways.

Unfortunately, the song got caught in the heat of an existing quarrel between Jed and her ex-manager, Annie T. Mercado, which resulted in her posting a statement online.

In a recent Facebook post his former handler, Annie, mentioned that she will be now breaking her silence.

She said that despite Jed’s efforts of trying to put a facade over his song, trying to make it look like it is about romantic relationships, she knows it is an attack on her and her family. 

“This song is about relationships but we’re not dumb to think it’s not about us, the very family who took good care of him and loved him from the day he set foot in Manila. So yeah I’m not playing the game of this ungrateful man anymore,” the talent manager extensively said in her post.

Mercado also highlighted that the song is filled with “negativity, hate, and bitterness” which speaks volumes about his character as a person. She also accused Jed of always playing the “victim.”

“Jed Madela, don’t taunt me with a song. Panindigan mo yan ‘ha. Let’s go to the press and tell [everyone]. If you don’t wanna, I will. I think people wanna know the truth,” she concluded her post.

Disputes occur between family, friends, and workmates, but once it goes over social media it becomes a public discussion amongst netizens as the issue is abuzz. 

As of now, no further posts or statements are being released from either side.

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