Claudine Barretto thanks netizens for calling her ‘Queen of Gratefulness’


By Rie Realingo

“Thank you so mu—“

Claudine Barretto expressed her gratitude towards netizens for giving her a new title as the “Queen of Gratefulness.”

In an interview with TV Patrol, Claudine was asked how it started but the actress seemed to be clueless as to its origin.

“Sinabi lang nila saakin [na may video], hindi ko pa nakikita actually talaga,” Claudine responded.

Regardless of where it came from, the actress seemed to be receptive to her new title as “Queen of Gratefulness,” considering that it has a positive ring to it.

“Hindi ako ma-o-offend kasi maganda naman, thank you so much sa lahat ng nagpa-viral ng video,” Claudine laughingly thanked the netizens.

The actress has been trending due to a new slang craze. This started when a Tiktok video compilation of her saying “thank you so much” grew viral. 

@fttmph SHABU: Salamat Hesus At Biyernes Ulit 🙏 #claudinebarretto #FTTM #FTTMPH #Philippines #fyp ♬ thank you so mu – FTTM

Aside from the “millennial pause,” netizens poked fun at the said compilation of the actress because she seemed to pronounce the phrase in a hanging manner, resulting in people hearing “Thank you so mu—”. 

“Our lady of gratitude and appreciation, Claudine Barrett—,” one jokingly commented in the Tiktok video.

“Patron saint of gratitude 😭,” another added.

Claudine has also mentioned that she is currently reading some scripts for a possible future reunion project.

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