#SheenaOliNa!: Missing standee of BINI member finally found


The viral missing standee of P-pop girl group BINI’s Sheena was finally found.

The network shared the update on its social media pages on Thursday morning, June 27, almost a week after director Laurenti Dyogi announced a search campaign for the missing standee of the BINI member.

The return of Sheena’s standee to ABS-CBN headquarters was captured in a video posted on BINI’s social media accounts.

In the video, an individual named Eli (who requested not to reveal her face), can be seen personally delivering the member’s standee and handing it over to Dyogi.

“Days after the Finding Sheena campaign, the BINI Sheena Standee was returned to Eli who contacted Direk Lauren and the BINI team,” the caption on the clip read.

According to Eli, she was contacted by a person who introduced herself as a “fangirl” of the group and wanted to return the standee.

Eli asked the fan how she managed to exit the venue with lifesize standee, to which she answered, “Tinulungan daw po s’ya ng ibang Bloom na ilabas […] Nung tinanong ko po pa’no n’ya inuwi, may dala daw po syang car.”

Eli also relayed the fan’s statement, explaining her side of the story and apologizing for the incident.

“Hello, first things first, I’m really sorry for what inconvenience caused to the management and to me as well due to my actions during BINI Day.

The fan explained that she thought it was permissible to take the standee since no one said otherwise, stating, “I thought it was okay since wala naman po kasi nagsabi na bawal. Naisip ko rin po at the same time na sayang if ever hindi magagamit, parang pwede na [s’ya] iuwi.”

She also asserted that she had no intentions of keeping it permanently, and only took it home temporarily, expressing her initial plan to return the standee.

“That day sinabi ko na rin po na nauwi ko na po ‘yung standee sa friends ko and if ever hanapin po, ibabalik ko rin naman po. Hindi ko naman po itatago or what,” the fan shared.

“Pinagpahinga ko lang po talaga si Sheena sa bahay,” she remarked.

Following the backlash and bullying she received on social media after her identity was revealed, she decided to return the standee. She also asked netizens to stop sharing her personal information and photos.

The fan also shared that after her identity was revealed as the one who took the standee, she experienced negative comments and was bullied on social media, this prompted her to return the standee on top of Direk Lauren’s search campaign for Sheena’s standee.

Despite the incident, the fan expressed her pride and happiness as a Bloom as she looks forward to more of the P-pop group’s achievements as well as their upcoming three-day concert.

As part of the “Finding Sheena” search campaign, ABS-CBN executive Laurenti Dyogi fulfilled his promise by rewarding Eli for returning Sheena’s standee to the group. He gave her a BINI wand and shirt.

Additionally, Dyogi provided Eli with a secret reward, which he discreetly communicated by whispering to her.

The management thanked those who assisted in searching for the standee, writing in their post, “Salamat sa lahat ng 🕵️‍♀️ Detective BL♾️M na nag effort mahanap ang nawawalang standee ni BINI Sheena! Dahil sa inyo, kumpleto na ulit ang #WaloHanggangDulo na BINI Standees! 🌸🎱”

“Hoping we have all gained a valuable lesson here about the thin line between fangirling and boundaries not worth crossing. 🛤️❌ No more taking what isn’t ours ukii? 🥹,” concluded the post.

The standee was last seen on June 11 during the National BINI Day event at One Ayala Mall in Makati, which was held in celebration of the group’s third debut anniversary.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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