BINI’s Maloi and Colet finish senior high school, perform ‘Karera’ during graduation ceremony


Members of P-pop girl group BINI, Maloi and Colet, have successfully graduated from senior high school at the Japan Philippine Institute of Technology (JPIT) in Bulacan.

Mary Loi Yves Ricalde and Nicolette Vergara, known to fans as Maloi and Colet, respectively, celebrated their graduation on Friday, June 7.

The P-Pop idols proudly shared their achievement on social media, posting photos of themselves in green togas and graduation caps.

Colet and Maloi completed their secondary education in the Humanities and Social Sciences strand through a blended learning program as scholars at JPIT.

During the graduation ceremony, the members received special citation awards for their contributions to Arts, Media, and Entertainment.

One of the group’s hit song, “Karera” was also performed by the artists together with their schoolmates on the stage during the ceremony, as seen in videos uploaded online.

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In an interview with ABS-CBN, Colet expressed her relief and gratitude upon graduating.

“Oh my gosh, thank you, Lord. At least makakahinga kami sa school kahit papaano,” she said, reflecting on the challenges they faced.

Maloi echoed her sentiments, emphasizing the importance of their educational achievements despite their busy schedules.

“Actually, ito talaga din yung parang isa sa mga gusto naming mangyari—yung maka-graduate kami kahit na nagwo-work na kami and kahit na busy kami. Talagang nai-push namin,” the idol said.

Maloi expressed her gratitude to their school, saying, “We really are grateful for JPIT for giving us a chance na makapag-aral ulit, para makapagtapos.”

“College na po! Bahala na yung schedule namin, kakayanin,” Colet affirmed, expressing their unwavering determination to continue their education despite their professional commitments.

Looking ahead, both Colet and Maloi are determined to pursue college as they enthusiastically share their preferred courses.

Colet announced her intention to enroll in a course related to the medical field, such as dentistry or pharmacy. Meanwhile, Maloi plans to study multimedia or fine arts.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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