‘Thank you for giving me the best childhood’: Teenager daughter writes heartfelt wedding toast for her ‘step up’ dad


A teenager made her parents cry during their wedding day after she wrote a heartwarming wedding toast message.

“I want to take this moment to say thank you to both of you. Thank you for giving me the best childhood I could possibly receive. Cheers to this union of my first best friend and my number one fan, my mom and my dad,” 15-year-old Cielo Florence said in the viral video as she greeted her newlywed parents.

Cielo did not also miss the chance to pay tribute to her stepdad whom she calls the dad who “stepped up” to take care of her mom through the years.

“Cheers to my dad! I often have a hard time explaining my relationship with him. I don’t like the term step dad. I see him as my genuine father and I don’t see him as any less. A stepdad is all fine but a dad who stepped up is what I have.  My dad showed me the standard. My mom always says that if I were to find someone in my life then they should treat me like how my dad treats my mom. I have such high expectations for love in life because I see the two people who raise me and I know what I have to strive for,” she said.

“My dad, he’s very kind, sweet, and funny. Never a day has he let me or Elie have a frown on our faces and I’m eternally grateful for that because I can never imagine a life growing up without the energy and laughter that I was presented with. I’m pretty also sure that this also ended up how my current personality,” she added.

Mommy Michelle and Daddy Edwardson said they were touched by the sweet and kind words from their daughter.

“I was ano talaga crying then. Kasi syempre from a mom, galing sa tiyan ko sabi ko, ‘Eto na ba ‘yun? ‘Yung galing sa tiyan ko 15 years ago?’ It was definitely a proud parent moment for us,” Mommy Michelle said.

“I’m happy and shocked na coming from her ‘yung ganung mga words. Hindi mo naman aakalain na masasabi niya ‘yung ganun. We are proud as [parents] na feel niya ‘yung love na binibigay namin sa kanya. You can feel na, ‘Ah, we’re doing ano pala something good,’” Daddy Edwardson added.

According to Cielo, she wrote her speech one day before her parents’ wedding.

Noting,” Gusto ko po talaga very personal ‘yung speech kaya hindi ko po siya ginawa [until] a day before the wedding. Para ‘yung feelings na ‘yun very relevant, very recent straight from the heart.”

“When she read that speech, talagang lahat kami was blown away. Ako until now pinapakinggan ko, I’m still teary-eyed. My heart is really full knowing na naa-appreciate niya pala kaming mga magulang,” Mommy Michelle stressed.

Mommy Michelle and Daddy Edwardson got married last February 11, 2024 after being in a relationship for more than a decade.

“I decided na kunin si Cielo as maid of honor. It’s because I think kaya na niya.  And if there’s one bestfriend that I have, definitely it would be her,” Mommy Michelle shared.

“Today is a very special day because it solidifies one, the one true thing I already knew to be true, that we are a family, a unit. Cheers to this union of my first best friend and my number one fan, my mom and my dad,” Cielo ended her speech.

Janelle Lorzano
Janelle Lorzano
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