Star Magic to take legal action over online attacks against P-pop groups BGYO and BINI


The management of P-pop groups BINI and BGYO has finally issued its joint statement addressing malicious online attacks and harmful accusations targeting its members.

Signed by the artists’ legal counsel, Attorney Joji Alonso, the official statement was released on Star Magic’s social media pages on Tuesday, April 23.

“BGYO, BINI and its respective members have been the subject of malicious online attacks designed to seriously hurt and damage their reputation,” the statement began.

Star Magic pointed out “cyberbullying and anti-libel laws” violated by these online attacks urging netizens to be responsible with their posts and refrain from spreading offensive content.

“With the prevalence of social media and digital platforms where content shared become permanent for public’s consumption, we ask the netizens to be responsible in posting and spreading hurtful content,” the agency wrote.

Ir also underscored the duty of everyone to contribute to a safe online environment and called for accountability instead of engaging in criminal acts.

Star Magic acknowledged the members of BGYO and BINI’s “painful experience” from the past months and expressed solidarity with their artists’ decision to learn the “value of personal accountability” and stand up against bashers and online bullies.

The management further declared its intent to take legal action against those responsible for spreading unfounded rumors.

“BGYO and BINI’s management will take legal action against these emboldened bashers who circulate unfounded rumors. Appropriate government agencies and private service providers have been tapped to gather evidence and hold these perpetrators accountable for their unlawful behavior. Filing of criminal cases will be set in motion,” the management wrote.

The statement concluded with a message about the importance of showing “kindness and respect both online and in real life”.

“We remind the public that it is not only crucial to call out acts of bashing and cyberbullying, but to show kindness and accord everyone due respect, both online and in real life.”

This came after netizens questioned rumors circulating about the members’ alleged problematic behavior and actions, leading the hashtags “disbandBGYO” and “BGYO Out” to trend on X.

The issue escalated further when a video showing some members of BINI dancing to their hit song “Pantropiko” which allegedly took place during a BGYO member’s birthday party went viral online.

This sparked controversy among BINI fans who opposed the association of the girl group with BGYO, leading to further divisions within the fanbases and netizens alike.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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