BINI’s Maloi goes viral for ‘one of a kind’ fanservice during mall show


P-pop girl group BINI’s Maloi has once again captured the spotlight on social media, this time for delivering a “unique” kind of fanservice that left fans amused and delighted.

The buzz began when X user @jhotaime_ shared a viral video showing her interaction with BINI member, Maloi Ricalde, during their “Talaarawan” mall show last Sunday, April 14, which had gathered more than 6,000 attendees, according to ABS-CBN entertainment reporter MJ Felipe.

In the video, a crowd of eager fans, fondly known as “Blooms”, awaited BINI members to walk by after concluding the event.

However, one fan stood out by catching Maloi’s attention with two items: a pencil and a pencil sharpener.

Without hesitation, Maloi seemingly immediately recognized the fan’s request and proceeded to sharpen the pencil.

The interaction left a lasting impression not just on the owner of the pencil but on the crowd of Blooms around them.

According to the fan who shared a “one-of-a-kind” exchange with Maloi, the pencil was owned by their friend and is intended to be used during their upcoming board exams.

However, in a comical turn of events, the uploader remarked that it seemed that they had to “reschedule” their friend’s examination after the concert because Maloi was not able to completely sharpen the pencil.

The fan interaction quickly gained buzz online, with many online users and Blooms alike praising the BINI member for her down-to-earth and hilarious fanservice.

One viral post, which had gained more than 40,000 likes and exceeded one million views on X, described the interaction as “another level of fan service”.

While the act of sharpening a pencil may seem strange to some people, it actually holds a deeper significance in Filipino culture where it is known as a gesture of students preparing for exams and is often meant to seek blessings or support from respected individuals by asking them to sharpen their pencils.

By choosing Maloi for such a task, it seemed that the fan expressed their admiration and respect for the BINI member.

This latest viral incident added to Maloi’s growing list of memorable interactions with fans, which was the second moment of the Pinay idol to be featured on well-known K-entertainment media outlet Koreaboo.

Maloi also went viral in the past for her swift response to a fan’s request for “pamasahe” who had then been personally handed over a P1000 peso bill by the P-pop idol.

On another account, she gave a piece of mango peeling to a Pinoy Bloom.

Meanwhile, BINI recently celebrated another milestone with their hit song “Pantropiko” gaining 20 million streams on Spotify.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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