Alden Richards present at Kathryn Bernardo’s latest special event


Another KathDen sighting!

Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards delighted KathDen shippers with their new interactions after the latter attended the latest special occasion of the actress.  

Alden’s sighting at the housewarming party of Kathryn comes more than a week after he surprised his former leading lady at her post-birthday celebration, which quickly made rounds online. 

Fans have reposted clips from the guests’ posts as they spot the adorable and kilig moments between the two who were the lead stars of box-office hit “Hello, Love, Goodbye”. 

In some clips shared online, Alden gamely helped Kathryn accommodate her guests. The two also received teasing from their colleagues and celebrity pals.

Others showed Kathryn and Alden get playful as they try the indoor slide at the actress’ new home.

One fan even claimed that Alden was supposed to grace an e-sports awards night but chose to be present at Kathryn’s affair instead.

Alden and Kathryn have been drawing romance speculations following the actress’ split with ex-boyfriend Daniel Padilla. 

Reacting to the rumors, Alden remarked in a 24 Oras imterview: “What you see is what you get.”
“Hindi lang din talaga kailangan lagi ipamalita sa social media ‘yung mga ganiyan. You know, sometimes ‘yung mga personal things that’s happening, better be personal na lang,” he added.

Alden Richards addresses romance rumors with Kathryn Bernardo: ‘What you see is what you get’
Lyka Nicart
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