Drag artist Taylor Sheesh traumatized after assault by ‘homophobic’ man during Pangasinan fiesta performance


Drag sensation Taylor Sheesh, best known for impersonating Taylor Swift, faced a “traumatic” attack when she was assaulted by a man while performing at a provincial fiesta.

Taylor Sheesh and OPM hitmaker Bamboo were among the guest performers during the annual “Kalutan Concert” in Bayambang, Pangasinan last Sunday, April 7.

The Pinoy drag artist, whose real name is Mac Coronel, took to her X page to express her shock and trauma from the incident.

“This is traumatic. Literally. I’m shaking rn,” Sheesh wrote in her repost of a fan’s reaction.

Netizens and supporters flooded social media with messages of sympathy for Sheesh following the distressing incident. It also sparked conversations about the importance of ensuring safety and respect for performers regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Bayambang Mayor Niña Jose Quiambao promptly issued an apology to Taylor Sheesh and assured her that justice would be served.

“I am sorry to Taylor Sheesh that someone assaulted her during her performance! Don’t worry. Authorities have the person in question and this matter and incident will be dealt with accordingly,” she addressed the attack.

In her statement, the mayor condemned the attack as “homophobic” and pledged to hold the perpetrator accountable.

“I will not tolerate homophobia and physical abuse in my town. I will make sure that JUSTICE will be dealt with,” the mayor pledged.

Mayor Quiambao also announced that the suspect is already in custody and will face charges for the assault.

She reiterated her condemnation of the attack, emphasizing that Bayambang is a “peaceful and safe town” where such acts of violence are not tolerated.

“BYB is a peaceful and safe town and I CaNNot CONDONE this stupidious act! I am so mad and so angry!!!! SHAME on YOU!!!!,” the mayor exclaimed.

Despite the assault, Sheesh extended gratitude to Mayor Quiambao for the invitation to the festivity.

“Despite of what happened last night, I just want to thanks for the warm welcome Bayambang! Thank you to Mayor Nina Jose Quiambao for inviting us and to my fellow Swifties thank you thank you for coming! Happy fiesta!,” Mac penned to the celebrity-turned-politician.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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