April Fools gone wrong? Pinoy Takoyaki store’s promotional prank backfires after man allegedly tattoos logo on forehead


A local Takoyaki store has faced backlash after a man allegedly took its April Fools’ Day challenge to heart by tattooing himself with the company logo on his forehead.

The challenge, presented by the local food business named “Taragis” on its Facebook page, promised an amount of P100,000 as prize money to anyone willing to tattoo their logo on their body.

The now-deleted post boldly captioned, “KAYA MO BANG GAWIN PARA SA 100k?!”, which immediately garnered attention for its enticing monetary reward.

However, one man supposedly took the challenge to heart and inked the store’s name on his forehead, sparking concerned netizens’ outrage towards the store.

After receiving a message that a man took the challenge seriously and actually got the logo tattooed on his forehead in exchange for the prize money, Taragis clarified in another removed post that their tattoo challenge was just a prank for April Fools’ Day.

In the post, Taragis maintained that they are not accountable for what happened while also reminding the public about the “importance of reading comprehension”.

“It’s April Fools’ Day. Never trust anything or anyone. The same as any other day,” the store wrote in their statement.

Social media erupted with a mix of reactions, with some accusing Taragis of “negligence” and “insensitivity”, while others defended the page, mentioning the “responsibility and the need for reading comprehension and media literacy”.

One X user demanded accountability, stating, “A reminder not to pull pranks on the working class. Hindi lahat makakakuha ng “jokes” nyo na yan. The least Taragis should do is shoulder the laser removal of that ugly ass logo and give him his 100k.”

Another mentioned the cultural difference, saying, “Hindi lahat ng followers nila ay alam ang April Fools day. At educated enough to read it with comprehension. Pag Pera ang pinag uusapan Lalo sa Pinas may kakagat talaga nyan. They should be accountable with their stupid post. Kainis!”

“Top takeaways from the Taragis tattoo issue: 1) It’s messed up that people actually see this as Taragis’s problem and not idiots who can’t recognize a fake contest 2) We need to take responsibility for our own lives 3) [People] are so sensitive for something that likely didn’t happen,” a netizen pointed out.

Legal concerns were also raised, with users citing potential charges against the store.

“Man got his forehead tattooed bc of your post & yet you claim that YOU ARE NOT ACCOUNTABLE? ‘di lahat alam ang “April fool’s” na yan & April 1 is literally a normal day sa calendar ng Philippine Law?? ? So yes, Taragis Ta-Q-Yaki, YOU should be held accountable ?,” an online user expressed.

“Marami na naghelp diyan mga verified user, influencer, and may Atty, Accountable naman dahil walang April fools sa Calendar, and may same scenario sa U.S na ganito den , so yon nag file, pwede matulungan si tatay ng mga nag comment doon kay Taragis,” a netizen wrote.

Some local tattoo artists have also offered to provide an in-kind tattoo removal procedure for the prank’s victim.

As of writing, reports say that authorities are still investigating whether the man actually got the logo tattooed on his face.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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