Andrea Brillantes receives luxury watch from Whamos Cruz on her 21st birthday


Andrea Brillantes was left pleasantly surprised when Whamos Cruz and his partner, Antonette Gail, presented her with a luxurious Rolex watch as a birthday gift.

The actress expressed her gratitude for the thoughtful gesture during her visit to the vloggers’ residence.

In the video posted by Whamos on his official Facebook, Andrea was unable to contain her joy upon receiving the surprise gift, which caught the Senior High star off guard and left her truly touched.

Despite not having a cake for the occasion, Brillantes was thrilled when she unwrapped the gift to reveal a Rolex watch carefully tucked inside a box, expertly wrapped by Gail herself. The actress particularly admired the design of the accessory, noting its resemblance to her preferred style.

As of writing, the video, titled “BDAY GIFT ROLEX KAY BLYTHE SOBRANG SAYA NYA”, has exceeded three million views and received over 100,000 likes on Facebook.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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