Actress Kim Molina defends ‘proud kargador’ BF Jerald Napoles against online basher


Actress Kim Molina has taken a stand against a netizen who targeted her boyfriend, Jerald Napoles, with a demeaning comment on social media.

In a Facebook post shared on Wednesday, Kim addressed the offensive comment left by an unidentified user, who labeled Jerald as “mukang kargador”.

In a fiery response, Kim didn’t hold back in addressing the basher directly and denouncing the use of such disrespectful language.

She pointed out the user’s cowardice in hiding behind a fake account to speak hate and went on to emphasize the honorable nature of manual laborers such as porters.

“Ano ba problema niyo sa pagiging ‘kargador’ eh sa totoo lang, people who do hands-on labor work are people we should acknowledge sa hirap ng ginagawa nila araw araw. Hindi ito dapat ikahiya… DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANCE OF THOSE PEOPLE WORKING FOR US,” she wrote in her response.

Kim revealed that Jerald had indeed worked as a porter before his acting career took off, emphasizing that there is nothing shameful about honest labor.

She proudly recounted his days of working as an extra hand in Divisoria, highlighting the dignity of such work and questioning people’s tendency to belittle such professions.

“Alam mo bang totoong naging kargador si Jerald Napoles noon? YES. Isa ’yun sa mga trabahong pinasok niya nung hindi pa siya nag-aartista, bago pa mga teatro,” she disclosed.

“Nag-extra sa pagiging kargador ng mga tela sa Divisoria. Isang marangal na trabaho pandagdag kita sa araw-araw. Proud ako sa lahat ng pinagdaanan ni Je kaya hindi ko gets bakit parang may halong mali ang term na ‘yan sa iba. Nothing’s even wrong with it,” the actress reiterated.

Her response garnered support from many netizens, praising her for standing up against cyberbullying and advocating for respect and appreciation for individuals across all professions.

Jerald also voiced his admission and pride for his past career in the comments section of the Philippine Star’s Facebook post about Kim’s response to the basher.

In his comment, the actor wrote, “Actually mali yung sinabing “mukhang kargador” ako eh.
Kasi, totoong nag-kargador talaga ako sa Divisoria noon eh. AND I’M PROUD OF IT. 😅💯💪🏽

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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