Manager of viral Bohol resort denies ‘destroying’ Chocolate Hills


In response to the uproar surrounding the viral private resort in Bohol, Captain’s Peak Garden and Resort, the manager of the establishment has stepped forward to defend the its operations.

Amidst allegations of environmental damage and illegal construction, the resort’s manager, Juliet Sablas, maintained that they had obtained the necessary permits for the private establishment which was situated on the foot of the Chocolate hills.

In a report by ABS-CBN News, Sablas, speaking to Teleradyo Serbisyo on Wednesday, March 13, asserted that while they were aware of the protected status of the area, they had fulfilled all the requirements to secure clearance for their construction endeavors.

“Aware na kami na protected area, pero mayroon namang mga kailangang gawin para mabigyan ng clearance,” she told Teleradyo Serbisyo, hours after their resort went viral on social media.

Sablas, however, openly admitted, that they did fail to get an Environmental Compliance Certificate and acknowledged the oversight but stressed that it did not imply negligence on their part.

Despite criticisms circulating on social media, she adamantly denied any “destruction” of the iconic hills, saying, “Sila lang po ang nagsasabi na nakakasira, pero kapag nandito po kayo sa area namin, talagang hindi po eh.”

Sablas urged for a fair investigation into their operations, suggesting that other tourism establishments in the vicinity be investigated as well. She also emphasized their commitment to cooperating with any government inquiries while maintaining their innocence.

“Sana patas, patas ‘yung gagawin nilang imbestigasyon. Hindi lang po Captain’s Peak Resort,” the manager said.

“Sana before po ‘yung negative comments ninyo, siguro mas maganda po na magtanong tanong muna tayo kung talagang mayroon po kaming nilabag na sinisira po namin ‘yung Chocolate Hills po,” Sablas asserted, urging critics to seek clarification before making negative assumptions.

“Kasi kapag nandito po kayo sa area, wala po talaga kaming nilabag, na Chocolate Hills na sinira namin or ano pang ginagawa namin. ‘Yung Chocolate Hills iniingatan po namin,” she added.

The statement came amidst growing concerns over the impact of tourism developments on the famous tourist site’s natural beauty, with Pinoy netizens, celebrities, and government officials, calling for stricter regulations to safeguard its natural state.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) had previously released its official statement on Wednesday afternoon, declaring that the resort, has already been issued with a closure order since September 2023 for “operating without an environmental compliance certificate”.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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