Fans defend Denise Julia after receiving criticism for allegedly ‘objectifying’ women in deleted rant posts


Pinay R&B artist Denise Julia was recently under fire for her controversial statements addressing allegations about her supposed “queerbaiting”.

The issue started when an X user @daintysapphic_ called out the “B.A.D.” singer’s series of now-deleted posts on her verified X account, for “offensive” takes on women and mentioned how badly timed the issue to surface during International Women’s Month.

Denise’s posts were supposedly about people who are doubting her sexuality and labeling her content and interactions with other female artists as “queerbaiting”.

Queerbaiting is a slang term that involves the practice of hinting at non-heterosexual relationships or attraction, typically in media, to engage or attract an audience or generate interest without ever actually depicting same-sex romance or LGBTQ representations.

A screenshot of Julia’s comments is currently circulating on the platform.

Other users joined the barrage of criticisms against the “Lackin'” singer, expressing their dismay over the artist’s “objectification” of women through her words.

Meanwhile, some fans came to the defense of the artist who backed up Denise’s removed statements, more so when she addressed the accusations on the platform.

On Tuesday, March 12, Denise addressed the issue head-on and explained her decision to delete her posts which were directed to “offensive straight and homosexual men” who kept pushing the queerbaiting issue on her.

“[T]his is all noted mind [you] [I] was mad at straight men and offensive gay men pushing the queerbaiting issue on me so my [PMS] (premenstrual syndrome) instinct was to stoop down at their level and [lingo] so they’d understand it in their comprehension level,” Denise began her thread of posts, explaining the usage of words.

“[I] swear it took a LOT of offensive tweets that had me on a tweeting spree like that. All deleted! 💖,” she stated on her decision to delete her posts.

Denise emphasized her love for herself and her sexuality will remain unchanged, saying, “[I] will forever love being a woman. and [I] will forever love being a woman who loves women. !!!!!!! 🎀”

She reiterated that she had already deleted her controversial posts and promised to try her best to learn to be better.

“[D]eleted everything. [W]ill try my best to learn every day and be better. [S]ometimes emotions get the best of me. [T]hank [you] for pointing it out,” Julia thanked netizens who pointed out her mistakes.

“[A]nd [I] [really, really] apologize for being offensive/having offended a lot of [you]. :/,” she concluded her message.

It is worth noting that Denise has been vocal about her sexuality as she openly admitted that she is pansexual in her past X post last January. A pansexual person is defined as someone who is attracted to all genders.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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