Enrique Gil on Liza Soberano: ‘We’re both focused on ourselves first’


In a recent interview, actor Enrique Gil willingly discussed his career and status of his relationship with Liza Soberano.

In an episode of Kapamilya morning show “Magandang Buhay,” host Regine Velasquez delicately approached the topic of love during the interview where she asked Enrique, asking if he was “ready for love or actively seeking it”.

To this, Enrique responded thoughtfully, “Well, not really looking. Not really looking… But, you know, yeah, I’m happy. I’m at peace. I’m happy.”

It can be recalled that he and Liza had been hounded by breakup rumors because of their fewer interactions together while both focusing on their solo projects. On the other hand, both have not confirmed or denied the issue.

The dancer-actor then brought up Liza in his next statement, shedding light on their projects.

“Me, I’m focusing on this (I Am Not Big Bird). Liza is also focusing on her own production company, on her own projects… So, I’m just really happy that we’re both focused on ourselves first. Because we were so caught up on the two of us so much,” Enrique shared.

He continued by mentioning the agreement they had reached, saying “So, parang we talked na nga, ‘I think we’re not…’ this is also really good for us to go on our own path in our career, just to be able to grow.”

“It’s just really exciting for me, right now, what we’re going to be doing and giving to the industry,” Enrique added.

While Enrique did not explicitly state whether he is single or committed, he emphasized the agreement he and Liza have come to which lies in their decision to separate from their renowned love team, fondly known as “LizQuen”, while they pursue individual career paths.

Liza is currently in the U.S., embarking on her Hollywood career as she recently made her film debut in the American movie “Lisa Frankenstein”.

Meanwhile, Enrique recently trended on social media along with actress Janine Gutierrez after netizens noticed their “unexpected on-screen chemistry” in an episode of ASAP.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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