Maureen Wroblewitz reacts to ex-boyfriend JK Labajo’s current love life


International model and actress Maureen Wroblewitz took the time to share her insights on her acting career and past relationship with singer-actor JK Labajo.

In a report by Pilipino Star Ngayon, Maureen recently made her return to the Philippines to grace the red carpet premiere of her latest romcom film, “Take Me To Banaue.”

After the event, Maureen is reportedly set to fly back to the United States, accompanied by her boyfriend, Noah Steinbuch.

During the interview, the Asia’s Next Top Model fifth season winner was asked about her past relationship with JK, who was her boyfriend during the filming of the movie.

Maureen acknowledged their “amicable” status but hesitated to declare them as friends just yet, PSN reported.

“I think, we’re kind of like trying to find ourselves separately,” she shared about the status of their relationship.

Maureen continued, mentioning JK’s recent projects, “He’s been doing really great with his music, going back to acting, and I finally moved to LA, which hasn’t happened for a very long time. So, we’re doing well individually.”

Maureen was then asked about her sentiments with JK’s trending love song, “Ere”, which the singer confirmed was inspired by their split.

When asked about her thoughts on whether JK had not yet moved on from her, Maureen affirmed, “No naman. It’s just like it takes really long to release a song.”

Meanwhile, Maureen expressed joy at the news of JK having a new girlfriend, who was rumored to be singer-songwriter Dia Mate.

JK and Maureen ended their relationship after two years of being together last June 2022.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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