Fans speculate after Bea Alonzo seen not wearing her engagement ring 


Fans have expressed worry after spotting Bea Alonzo supposedly not wearing her engagement ring from fiancé Dominic Roque.

Under Bea’s recent Instagram posts, some netizens noticed that the ring was nowhere to be seen on the actress, drawing speculations if all is well between the couple. 

“Idol kumusta kayo ni Dom?,” a fan asked in the comments section.

A netizen also commented, “Still not wearing your engagement ring. It’s been two weeks na. Kamusta 

kayo beiii?” 

Some went on about how the two seem to not have recent photos of them together posted on their social media.

A few were also left bothered when Dominic turned off his comments section in his recent Instagram post. 

Others, meanwhile, asked netizens not to overreact and refrain from making speculations over the couple’s relationship.

A report by The Philippine STAR published on January 26 also showed no signs of the couple having trouble in paradise. In fact, Dominic expressed excitement over wanting to start a family with Bea soon after their wedding. 

The actor also shared how Bea’s very hands-on in the preparation for their upcoming wedding to be held in the second half of the year. 

Dominic also related how they manage to keep their relationship strong as they await to tie the knot. 

“You have to listen to each other all the time. You know, you need to have time and quality time together to talk about things, to talk about now and also the future.”

Dominic and Bea got engaged last July 2023 and are set to hold a Christian ceremony and a destination wedding.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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