‘They used to study unity, now division’: Netizens think Vice Ganda comment a dig at Uniteam


Vice Ganda trended anew after seemingly commenting on the current political climate during an episode of Kapamilya noontime show It’s Showtime.

As the show’s musical competition Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids returned on Monday, January 29, the comedian-host seized the opportunity to share some thought-provoking remarks that netizens believed had political undertones.

The comment was made during a discussion with one of the young contestants, Ihron from Southern Leyte, who had just been hailed as the daily winner after impressing judges Roselle Nava, Jason Dy, and Elha Nympha with a remarkable score of 96.7%.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when the hosts, particularly Karylle, inquired about Ihron’s school and grade.

When asked about his current math studies, Ihron replied with a simple “Division.”

Seizing the moment, Vice Ganda humorously connected the discussion to the current political climate, saying, “Division… division… like the government, they also study that in the government. Division of the government.”

He added in a somewhat somber tone, “Yeah. Division. They used to study unity, now division.”

The comment, delivered in Vice Ganda’s signature comedic style, drew both laughter and contemplation from the audience and netizens alike as it drew parallels between the academic subject and the reported division in the Uniteam of President Bongbong Marcos and Vice President Sara Duterte.

The country’s top officials ran and won under the alliance dubbed as Uniteam during the 2022 elections.

Here are some of the comments left by Pinoy netizens on Pilipino Star Ngayon’s Facebook post.

“Fact na fact! You nailed it!😁”

“Simpl[e]ng hirit lang, pero ‘pag tinamaan, sapol! God bless the Philippines. Nawa’y patnubayan ng Panginoon ang namumuno sa ating bansa”

“The shade!”

“Tumpak [you’re] the best [Meme], ganda pa!! Soo witty!!”

Vice Ganda’s witty commentary added a layer of entertainment to the episode, while subtly addressing the serious and apparent divisive nature of the ongoing political discourse in the country.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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