A walk on 2023 ‘meme’-mory lane


This year has surely been memorable to all of us. While there were a lot of issues that circulated in social media this year, netizens have found a way to make everything light and fun — memes. 

With this, let’s take a look back on the top 2023 viral memes that had the netizens cracking up on the internet.

  1. Kris Bernal’s iconic short hair during her Starstruck days 

Starting off with Kris Bernal’s iconic hair. Just this month, a throwback video of the actress’ hairstyle back in her Starstruck days went viral on the internet. This led netizens to edit pictures of Kris featuring her hair. 

  1. Anne Curtis’ Birthday

Oh, how could we ever forget Anne Curtis’ birthday? It’s the most important day at least for the OFWs. Netizens have also prepared a menu of Anne’s birthday, featuring her iconic lines in the variety show ‘It’s Showtime.’

  1. Melai Francisco: “My heart is very kuan.”

Aside from her funny pose during the red carpet, Melai Francisco’s line from her acceptance speech during the Asia Artist Awards (AAA) also went viral on social media. It can be recalled that Melai received the award as the Best Actor during the said awarding ceremony. 

  1. Melai Francisco as the “first honor” in AAA

Aside from “my heart is very kuan,” Melai’s remarkable line of being the first honor in the AAA also had everyone laughing on the internet. This line rooted from her interview with one of the AAA hosts and also a K-pop idol, Jang Wonyoung, after she was asked how she felt about attending the award show. 

  1. Maris Racal’s uneven bangs 

Maris Racal’s videos have always been viral on the internet. But this time, the spotlight was on her uneven bangs. The actress posted a video of her on Instagram where she was seen crying after she accidentally cut her bangs too short. 

  1. Maris Racal’s “Mama ko?” 

“Aircon humor.” This was how Maris Racal described her scene with Anthony Jennings where she said the iconic line, “Mama ko?” The scene came from the series “Can’t Buy Me Love” where Maris portrays the role of Irene Tiu.

  1. Iconic line from Ogie Diaz’s acting workshop: “Hayop ka! May araw ka din! Mabubulok ka sa impyerno!”

This line originally started from a video clip from Ogie Diaz’s acting workshop in which his trainees were practicing the delivery of their lines. After this went viral on the internet, several netizens, even some celebrities, have started recreating the scene from the acting workshop. 

  1. Ivana Alawi: “Jen, may kanin?”

Ivana Alawi’s recently uploaded vlog with Marian Rivera trended on the internet this week. During the prank, Marian jokingly questioned why Ivana had only prepared crab for their mukbang, and Ivana’s response was: “Jen, may kanin?” 

  1. Daniel Padilla: “Yung aso ko, si summer. Yun pinakaloyal.”

As Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla publicized their breakup this year, one of their videos in the press conference of “2 Good 2 Be True” resurfaced on the internet. In the video, they were both asked to define the word loyalty. 

Well, that concludes the list of the viral memes for this year. May we continue to share laughs with more memes coming our way in 2024.

Regine Caldona
Regine Caldona
Regine Caldona is a chronically-online content producer. She loves vibing to feel good K-pop songs.