Get to know Michael Keith and his music to ‘drown’ for!


Explore a whole new genre with one of the rising new male artists from Viva Records, Michael Keith. With his clear-cut talent in singing and dancing, together with his alluring charm, he is definitely an artist to look out for!

Michael Keith is a 19-year-old Filipino-American singer-songwriter from California and it appears like artistry really runs in his blood as he started performing as early as 4 years old in numerous commercials and films here in the Philippines and in the US. It’s no surprise that Michael Keith was able to catch the attention of Viva’s executives through a performance video he had when he was much younger!

Since then, Michael has been a signed recording artist under Viva Records and Viva’s International Male Pop Star Artist. He has been releasing music since 2020 with a debut R&B single “Thrill Me” which was written by Michael himself and is produced by Thyro Alfaro. As he continues to make waves in the OPM scene, he released another R&B-chill track titled “Vibe” in which he co-write with Thyro Alfaro and is produced by NEXXFRIDAY.

Recently, Michael Keith returns all-grown up and sounding pretty banging on his latest Viva Records single titled “Drowning.” He co-wrote this track with the equally reliable songwriter Sean Cedro to come up with this grooving new tune about finding the girl with a fancy irresistible aura. In this case, “Drowning” is the perfect pick-up point to listen to Michael Keith once more since it seems like he’s cooking up something fire on his next release!

Confidently, Michael is certainly on the path to make a name for himself as he continues to give his listeners a fresh and vibrant track that is ultimately an LSS-worthy as he teases more of his upcoming release which apparently talks about previously failed relationships but of course, make it work and vibe with it as Michael shares some snippets on his socials.

Surely, Keithens (Fandom Name) are up to a wild ride as we wait for more of Michael’s music! – Niña Tupa

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