‘Through highs and lows’: Boyfriend who prepared two cakes for girlfriend’s Bar exam results goes viral 


Viral sa social media ang post ni Atty. Erielle Ongchan kung saan ipinakita niya ang “happy” at “sad” cakes na iprinepare ng kanyang boyfriend na si Alec So para sa resulta ng kanyang Bar exam. 

“I have been with my boyfriend since my 3rd year of Law School so he knows all the worrying and overthinking that I do especially when it’s exam season or release of grades. After I finished the bar exam, I started overthinking things and worrying that I was not gonna be able to make it as one of the successful bar examinees this 2023,” wika niya.

Kwento pa ni Erielle, aware din umano ang kanyang boyfriend sa kanyang mga worries para sa resulta ng Bar examinations. 

“When they announced that the results of the bar exam would be released on December 5, I felt super anxious, as I’m sure a lot of fellow bar takers also felt,” dagdag pa nito.

Nang malaman nila ang results ay dito na raw inilabas ng kanyang boyfriend ang inihanda nitong “happy” cake.

“When the day of the results came, we anxiously waited in our living room, with my boyfriend and the rest of my family being present. When we found out I passed, we were overjoyed!! We all kept jumping up and down and hugging each other,” kwento niya.

“That’s when Alec brought out the ‘Congratulations’ cake and as I was telling him how cute it was, he said ‘Oh I have another cake but I knew we wouldn’t use it’ and brought out the ‘sad’ cake,” dagdag pa nito.

Ngunit dalawa man ang inihandang cake ng kanyang boyfriend ay naniniwala pa rin umano ito sa kanya na makakapasa siya sa nasabing exam.

“He said naman na the reason behind why he bought 2 cakes is just that he wanted a back-up cake in case things don’t work out in our favor. Pero he was always sure that I was gonna pass the bar exam,” pahayag niya.

“I found the ordeal to be very funny because he came prepared with 2 cakes. I felt really grateful po with his gesture kasi it showed na he was willing to stand by me, no matter what the result,” pagpapatuloy pa nito. 

Kaugnay naman nito, tila maraming netizens naman ang naantig sa heartfelt story na ibinahagi ni Atty. Erielle.

“Such a green flag. That guy is your number one supporter no matter what happens. Congratulations!” komento ng isang netizen. 

“I love that actually [he’s] being there for you in your highs and lows,” wika pa ng isa.

Regine Caldona
Regine Caldona
Regine Caldona is a chronically-online content producer. She loves vibing to feel good K-pop songs.