Pinoy celebs, pageant fans find comfort in memes after PH bet Michelle Dee’s Top 10 finish at Miss Universe


There’s no moving on just yet for the fans after the Philippines’ representative, Michelle Dee, failed to secure a spot in the Top 5 of Miss Universe 2023.

But humor became the language of resilience within the pageant community.

Social media erupted with mixed reactions, mostly hilarious and meme-worthy, as Filipino netizens reacted to the events that transpired during the coronation night of the 72nd Miss Universe 2023.

Naturally, “Miss Universe” and “Michelle Dee” dominated the list of local trending topics on X with thousands of Filipino netizens expressing their reactions, making phrases such as “COOKING SHOW”, and “ROBBED” join in the trends.

While some went into congratulatory mode despite the pageant results, others took to social media to begin a tirade as seen in an X user’s caption.

“Michelle Dee [you] did great[.] Don’t worry kami na bahala sa bardagulan dito sa Twitter (now X) !! WE WILL THROW THE FIRST BRICK,” it read as if rallying a band of fans and supporters to defend the PH bet.

Indeed, Pinoy pageant fans were in disbelief after Dee’s non-inclusion from the Top 5, with some pointing out how impactful she would have been if she made it into the cut.

Another fan also recalled the beauty queen’s past mock interview with Boy Abunda where she gracefully answered his questions, adding fuel to collective online dismay.

Even Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, who was present at the event as one of its hosts, aired her sadness at the results which netizens took as a cue to make another meme-worthy reaction from the beauty queen.

Meanwhile, online users also seemed to poke fun at an alleged edited photo of the Top 5 candidates where Michelle was included instead of Thailand’s Anntonia Porsild.

Celebrities also shared their comments on the rumor, including her ever-supportive “wifey” and best friend, Rhian Ramos.

Rhian’s cryptic remark on X made after the coronation night sparked controversy for saying something was “fishy”, following her previous post of the photo itself.

Actress-dancer Chie Filomeno seemed to be making similar shots at the pageant.

Nonetheless, other showbiz personalities, such as “mother-daughter” tandem Vice Ganda and Awra Briguela, made quips that somehow cooled down the heated online space.

Likewise, netizens also made hilarious comments on some of the moments during the event.

Some even mentioned Dee’s interactions with Miss Thailand, with a photo of them “getting cozy” during the coronation night. It can be recalled that Michelle opened up about being bisexual.

A netizen’s recent “discovery” humored those still in denial about the newly crowned Miss Universe 2023.

For those curious about what Miss Philippines’ final gown would have looked like, this Facebook user made the effort to share a sneak peek.

And finally, another user aired an “advice” to the Filipina candidate.

Michelle ended her Miss Universe journey after advancing to the Top 10 semi-finalists but unfortunately failed to secure a spot in the Top 5 during the coronation night of the prestigious pageant last Sunday, Nov. 19 (PH time).

Nicaragua’s Sheynnis Palacios was crowned as the new Miss Universe, the first titleholder of her country.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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