Kathleen Hermosa hopeful even after losing triplets in miscarriage


Kathleen Hermosa and her husband Miko Santos are keeping their faith even after losing their triplets in a miscarriage. 

The actress shared the heartbreaking news in a YouTube vlog chronicling her pregnancy journey. 

Kathleen shared she suffered blighted ovum or anembryonic pregnancy, which according to WebMD, “occurs when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus but doesn’t develop into an embryo”.

The vlog showed clips of her and Miko excitedly relaying the news to their loved ones including her sister Kristine Hermosa and her husband Oyo Sotto. 

She later shared raw videos of her getting emotional as she revealed her miscarriage with their triplets after a visit to the hospital. 

“The three sacks of our babies ay walang laman and I don’t wanna give you this sad story energy because naniniwala ako and I want to be excited for God’s plans. There’s nothing to blame,” she saidin the vlog.

Despite the turn of events, the 41-year-old said she   she’s hopeful that they will blessed with another children in the future.

““I’m not giving up ‘cause ang mundo ko ay puno ng miracles, so hindi talaga ako naniniwala na hindi kaya ni God gawin. Lahat kaya niyang gawin,” she said.


“We chose our cover photo happy and positive because we ONLY want to celebrate and NEVER mourn. It is still a gift. A gift of hope,” she separately wrote in her Instagram post.

“God will make us pregnant again! With healthy, both myself and triplets again!” she added.


Kathleen and Miko tied the knot in an intimate weddings ceremony in Cebu last June. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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