Amiel Sol’s “patutunguhan” is all the way up!


As a music lover, we all have that “gatekeeping underrated songs kasi dapat unique yung music taste ko” personality and Amiel Sol’s new track definitely falls under that category. But of course, gatekeeping isn’t advised!

Amiel Sol is a rising artist from Cainta, Rizal that emerged into creating his original compositions and eventually led him into establishing a name on his own.

The indie-folk singer-songwriter narrates how pursuing music has always been at the back of his mind. He shares that before the pandemic started, his first step in taking action for this dream was buying a condenser mic. From then on, this was a leap of faith for him as he states that, “During this time, I wrote and produced a lot of songs in my bedroom. They weren’t the best-produced songs, but they were the best I could do at the time.” In which, the number of free time he had inspired him to make the most out of it that made him think “if not now, then when?

This resulted into him signing under Viva Records in 2021 and released more of his most streamed songs like “A Day With You,” which currently has more than 2 million streams and even make it to the Spotify’s ‘Viral 50 Philippines’ along with  “Back Of My Mind” with over 722k streams on Spotify alone.

In knowing the said musician more, Amiel Sol’s “what you see is what you get” personality reflects on his music as he shares how it’s very bare as he treats every performance as ‘intimate’ no matter how big it is. Amiel also shares that, “Aside from my music, my best asset as a musician is my relatability. I think the way I write songs and perform them — even how I do spiels before singing,  is always done in a manner that everyone could relate to.

Certainly, Amiel doesn’t disappoint in making music that makes our hearts melt with its “cheesy” feels as he builds his mark into the OPM scene where he recently received a new recognition for being a nominee at the Awit Awards 2023 for his single “Fading Away.” However, these kinds of wins keeps him afloat with the fleeting feeling but always remembers to keep his feet on the ground as he opens up that, “The experiences I’ve had, even before as an independent musician, really shaped my gratitude towards the support I’ve been receiving now. I will always keep these experiences in mind to remind me of how far I’ve come, and how far I’ll go.

The acoustic-guitar-toting singer-songwriter Amiel Sol continues to deliver music that beyond any doubt makes his listeners feel the ‘goosebumps’ of good music with his new original single “Ikaw Lang Patutunguhan.”

From the wonders of his track “Di Na Akin,” Amiel released a new ‘feel good’ track that gives his listeners that softie and giddy feel on this midtemp, alt-pop love song about having the kind of love that brings you comfort. The sentiment of the track is all the more heard with its synths and heartfelt lyrics that goes “Kay palad na ikaw ang kapiling ko sa ilalim ng buwan at kay saya na ikaw ang katabi ko sa pagsikat ng araw” that certainly makes the perfect song to dedicate to someone as your ‘final destination’ towards love.

Thus, in talking about this new single of his, he shares that he always loved songs that used the beauty of nature in the lyrics. That’s why, he decided to write one with nature in mind and used it to “describe the nuances of how the universe guides us towards the things we dream of the most.

When asked if this single is coming from any personal experiences, Amiel shares that, “I’m a hopeless romantic, so the way I see the world is through rose-colored glasses. I also like to romanticize life. This is why I feel that falling in love isn’t just between two people — it’s the culmination of those two people’s experiences with the world and how those things intertwine to create something beautiful” that best describes the beauty of the song as he also added how he “believes that we were put in this world to love, so I strongly feel that nature will always guide us to do just that — love.

That’s why, Amiel Sol is one of those singer-songwriters to look out for and definitely his “patutunguhan” is all the way up!

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