Ricardo Cepeda denies alleged involvement in syndicated estafa case: ‘I was shocked’


Ricardo Cepeda aired his side of the story after being arrested for his alleged syndicated estafa.

In an exclusive interview with GMA News, the 57-year-old actor became teary-eyed as he dismissed his alleged involvement in any illicit activities carried out by the investment firm for which he acts as a brand ambassador.

The police served him with a warrant of arrest for 43 counts of syndicated estafa.

In a video taken by the Quezon City Police District (QCPD), Ricardo can be seen initially resisting, but eventually, he peacefully complied with the officers.

According to Police Major Dondon Llapitan of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit of the QCPD, Ricardo was reportedly surprised when they handed him the warrant of arrest last weekend.

“I was shocked because I wasn’t aware na umabot sa may warrants ako. I had heard na may mga scandal, pero hindi ko alam na sinama nila ako,” Ricardo told GMA News.

Following his arrest, Cepeda was detained at Camp Karingal in Quezon City.

The actor emphasized that his only involvement with the investment company was as a model and brand ambassador for its products involving energy-saving devices.

He stressed, “I’m not connected at all sa company, even sa business registration, my name is not there. Wala ako sa running business anything of the company. Model lang ako about the products.”

Earlier, his longtime partner Marina Benipayo took to social media to ask for prayers and support for Ricardo and addressed negative comments online about his arrest.

His stepson, Mark De Sequera, also defended Ricardo, asserting that he was “wrongfully accused”.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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