Indian vlogger Mr. Nobodydudy reacts to positive support from Pinoy netizens amid hate comments


Philippines-based Indian content creator Mr. Nobodydudy was elated to receive support from Filipino netizens after receiving hate comments and death threats online for his content.

Mr. Nobodydudy, whose real name is Navjot Singh, is known for his funny reactions to viral Indian food preparation videos.

Singh opened up about receiving negative comments from Indian restaurant owners due to his content featuring their cuisine.

“Hindi nila maintindihan ‘yung content, they’re just taking it personally na ‘bakit yan ang sinasabi niya’ hindi nila ma-gets ‘yung we are just reacting on the Indian videos na talagang mandidiri ka sa street foods ng India,” he said.

While the vlogger expressed his gratitude for his fans’ support, he also admitted that he doesn’t feel confident about his safety due to death threats.

“Hindi na nga ako makalabas ng bahay para na akong arestado dito sa amin. Wala na yan, that’s life. Mekus mekus lang tayo, tuloy tuloy lang,” he remarked, sharing that he expects the worst-case scenarios whenever he goes outside.

Singh stood firm with his content, pointing out that his reactions were solely directed to the videos and shouldn’t be held responsible for the “subpar food preparation” by his fellow Indians.

“Sa mga kalahi ko na may problema sa akin, uwi na kayo India. Wag na kayo dito sa Pilipinas. Ano pa [ginagawa] niyo dito sa Pilipinas?” he said.

“Unhygienic na nga kayo, kayo pa ‘yung attitude. Kayo pa magrereklamo,” he exclaimed at the end of his video.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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