E.A.T. apologizes over Joey de Leon’s controversial ‘lubid’ joke


E.A.T. producers have issued an apology over the “lubid” joke that host Joey de Leon blurted during an episode of the noontime show.

Joey recently received online flak after he suggested the lubid (rope) as something that can be worn around the neck, during the program’s Gimme 5 segment last Saturday, September 23, 2023.

The E.A.T mainstay made the remark after a contestant failed to name five objects related to the category “necklace”.

This didn’t sit well with netizens who deemed the remark as “insensitive” and “inappropriate” which can pertain to suicide.

Online users also called on the attention of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB). The latter has released a statement saying it will investigate the concerns over Joey’s controversial remark.

In a letter addressed to MTCRB chairperson Lala Sotto, dated September 25, E.A.T. offered apologies over the incident.

Producers of the show said, “During the said incident, Mr. Joey de Leon suggested ‘lubid’ (rope) as an answer to a question regarding things that may be worn around the neck.

“He conveyed this verbally in a very brief manner without further actions, elaborations or demonstrations. However, some viewers interpreted the utterance of the said object to be an insinuation of suicide, which is a very sensitive and triggering subject.

“In this regard, the whole E.A.T. management is regretful and apologetic to those who were offended by the said utterance.

“Rest assured that we are one with MTRCB in advocating a responsible viewing experience for the public.”

The letter was signed by E.A.T.’s head of Creative and Productions Operations, Jeny P. Ferre.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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