Mariel Padilla has a brief reaction over husband Robin Padilla’s accidental exposure during live selling


A video of Senator Robin Padilla recently went viral after an accidental exposure on camera while his wife Mariel Padilla was selling products during a live stream.

On Sept. 23, the celebrity couple went live on Instagram to promote a food supplement product they both endorsed.

In the video, Robin wore a black Muslim robe as he was shaking a drinking container containing the food supplement.

He suddenly bent forward revealing that the politician was not wearing any underwear inside, exposing his private part on live camera.

The clip immediately circulated among online users, creating a buzz on social media.

Mariel’s response to the buzz made by her husband’s accidental exposure came a few days later in an interview with entertainment news outlet PEP.

The celebrity host gave her brief statement about the viral video on Monday, Sept. 25.

“I find na hindi naman kailangan pag-usapan. So, hindi na kailangan mag-comment pa,” PEP quoted Mariel.

Robin has yet to release his statement or reaction about the video.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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