Andrei Trazona admits lying about mom Izzy Trazona’s support for career in drag


Andrei Trazona has recently introduced his drag persona to the public but his mother, former Sexbomb Girls member Izzy Trazona, seemed to be unaccepting of his decision.

Last July, Andrei shared photos and videos of his alter ego, Sofia, as he joined his first-ever drag competition, Bunganga Battle Royale.

In an interview video with the show, the drag queen answered questions about his persona and thoughts about drag.

About his moniker, he jested at first, “Tinawag po akong SexBomb royalty kasi ang ganda ko. Chareng,” before clarifying, “De, kasi po ano, anak po ako ni SexBomb Izzy.”

On being asked about his mother’s reaction to him joining the drag community, he said, “Actually, surprisingly, super supportive niya when it comes to my craft.

“Kasi nga nakita niya na din na super nag-e-enjoy ako lalo na yung bumibili ako ng mga gamit, ganon,” he added.

However, a few months later, Izzy penned a message to his son on social media that contradicted the latter’s previous statements about their relationship.

The former sexy performer started her message by saying her son is always in her prayers.

“I miss you Drei, you’re always in my prayer..everyday. I love you so much. And that will never be changed,” Izzy wrote.

Izzy empathized with her son by sharing her own experiences as someone’s child and hoped that he would understand where she was coming from.

“Once you told me, ‘you’ll never know what I feel kasi you were never in my shoes’. Yes, I agree, same with me, hindi mo parin naman nararanasan maging magulang. All I want is for your best,” Izzy told Andrei.

She also quoted verses from the Bible, saying she’s “putting her hope on Jesus”, as she pointed out that she was only thinking about what’s best for her children.

“I[‘]m holding on with the TRUTH that is written in the bible, the word of God. The One who created us,” she stressed, “So if my children, the 4 of them, will do something that is against the faith that I have in Christ, that will I disagree. I point them to Jesus because with that I will be secured with their future.”

Izzy reiterated her love for her son despite not supporting his new journey, “I love you so much to not support you on things that will harm you. I am always here for you…your mama, mahal na mahal kita.”

This prompted Andrei to respond to his mom’s statements and fully admit that he lied about what he said during Bunganga Battle Royale’s introductory interview.

On his personal Facebook account, Andrei wrote, “I LIED IN AN INTERVIEW that she supports for what I am and for what I do just to protect her from any backlash but there’s no point in protecting her because the truth came out straight from her.”

The drag artist expressed that he doesn’t want to live in a lie anymore and has been supporting his “responsibly honest” life on his own for years now.

“I’m tired of this conversation about me being gay and doing drag. I wanna end this argument by saying that I wanna live my own truth and someday you will be proud of what I will become,” he said.

“I love you so much mom but this isn’t healthy for me anymore. I hope someday you will understand how it feels to be in my shoes. I miss you but you’re not bringing me any comfort and compassion I deserve. ?,” Andrei told his mom.

In a separate post, Andrei wrote a cryptic quote on Facebook about loving someone but refusing to accept their identity.

“It’s like saying I love you because you’re my son but I don’t accept you for who you are,” his caption read.

Meanwhile, it seemed that Andrei’s dad, founder of the local dance group Philippine Island Assassins Michael Arapeles, has been more supportive of Andrei as he was seen reposting the drag queen’s content on his Facebook account last month.

He even complimented his son in his caption, “Dalaga na ang anak ko pwede ng ilaban sa Miss Gay International hahahahaha.. sinung pupusta?”

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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