Janella Salvador mourns death of 18-year-old cat just months after losing other cat of 17 years


Janella Salvador is mourning the death of another beloved furbaby after losing one just last January. 

“Pets deserve to live longer lives. But 18 years is something… so thank you for choosing us to spend your precious life with,” the actress said in a heartbreaking Instagram post as she bid farewell to her longtime pet cat named Fluffy.

Janella looked back at how she felt over the moon having her dream white persian cat when she was a child. 

“I was always so excited to show you off to visitors and you gladly welcomed them every single time. In fact, you loved the attention,” the actress said of her pet cat who crossed the rainbow bridge last Saturday, September 2. 

Janella continued to reminisce about Fluffy’s best moments with her family. 

“You would come up to us, sit right beside us, reach out of us with a paw and stare for hours until someone would finally give in and snuggle with you.

“You were the yin to Twinkie’s yang… whom you’re now reunited with in paradise,” added Janella while referring to her 17-year-old cat who died earlier this year. 

“Run free and save some spots for us up there, my Fluffywuffwuff. We will miss you forever,” Janella wrote in the caption alongside photos of Fluffy surrounded by flowers.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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