Elijah Canlas dedicates tattoo to late brother JM Canlas


Eljiah Canlas had himself inked to honor the memory of his late younger brother JM Canlas.

The actor turned to Instagram to share photos of him getting a tattoo on his arm with his younger brother’s name and “favorite thumb up pose.”

Elijah looked back on how JM would always joke about getting a full sleeve of tattoos and earning the disapproval of their mom.  

“Guess what? Kuya Jerom and I just got tatted today. We even brought Iya with us,” Elijah shared, referring to their eldest brother and JM’s girlfriend.

The Senior High star continued that their cousins also got the matching tattoos and even their parents now want to get themselves tatted.

“I want you with me forever and always. We all do. I can’t believe it hasn’t even been a month. Thank you for being my strength,” Elijah said in his heartfelt message to JM.

“I miss you so much it hurts. Pero kaya ito ni kuya. Kaya namin ito.

“We love you more than anything, JM! Habang buhay. Habambuhay,” he added.

JM’s passing was announced by Jerom in a social media post in August.

JM Canlas’ Instagram bio shows date after day of death; family in grief over actor’s passing

No cause of death was mentioned in the official announcement, but it was revealed that JM struggled with his mental health.

The 17-year-old was a former host in the children’s show Team Yey. He also appeared in indie films Kiko Boksingero (2017) and Ani (2019), and TV series Unconditional (2020).

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