Sen. Grace Poe shares heartfelt message for Lovi on her wedding day


Senator Grace Poe delivered a moving message to her half-sister Lovi Poe on the day of her wedding with her British beau, film producer Monty Blencowe.

The couple tied the knot last Saturday, Aug. 26, at the Cliveden House in Berkshire, England.

Videos posted by wedding guests, Tim Yap and Max Collins, on their Instagram stories captured a sisterly moment between Lovi and Sen. Grace as the latter gave her speech to the newlyweds.

The senator, who was also Lovi’s matron of honor, was accompanied by her son Brian Llamanzares who reportedly arrived in London days before the event.

“You’re generous with your time, with your kindness. You are disciplined, you are very modest, and you are not conventional,” Sen. Grace described her sister.

“You are not into what other people will do, what other people wear, what other people purchase, you’re independent-minded,” she continued.

The lady senator also revealed a cute little detail that suggested Lovi knew Monty was the one years back.

“Briefly at our place in L.A. and as I was dealing [with] some stuff, this was a few years ago, maybe four years ago, you were already practicing writing the last name of Monty,” the senator exposed Lovi’s secret which elicited cheers and clinking of glasses from the guests.

The teasing, lighthearted message turned emotional after Sen. Grace mentioned their late father Fernando Poe Jr.

Lovi’s manager, Leo Dominguez, shared the exchange between the two with Pilipino Star Ngayon.

According to Leo, the actress became emotional at the mention of FPJ.

“’I wish he were here today so that he would be walking with you down the aisle on your wedding day’,” Lovi’s manager quoted the senator’s message.

He added, “Very emotional ang speech ni Sen. Grace sa reception na hindi mapigilan ang mga luha ni Lovi na kailangan niyang puntahan at yakapin si Senador Grace.”

Leo also shared that Lovi’s other family members were also present at the occasion, complimenting her mother who glowed with joy for her daughter, alongside Lovi’s younger sister Yela and half-brother Ronian Poe.

Her manager also told STAR that Lovi will return to work a few days after the wedding.

He noted that she will fly back to the Philippines on September 1 to resume taping for ABS-CBN’s hit series Ang Batang Quiapo, where she plays Mokang, the love interest of the show’s lead actor Coco Martin.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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