‘Biktima lang din ako’: Content creator Kween Yasmin addresses third-party allegations


Social media personality Kween Yasmin revealed that her ex-boyfriend failed to disclose that he already had a child with another woman prior to their relationship.

Kween Yasmin, whose real name is Yasmin Marie Asistido, took to social media to address the photos of her and her former partner circulating online, with netizens alleging that she was a mistress.

The photos were allegedly uploaded by the wife of her ex-boyfriend who was accusing her of cheating with the hashtag “#kweenngmgakabit”.

“Hello everyone, dun sa kumakalat na photo sa tiktok na kasama ko yung ex boyfriend ko. I would like to say sorry because late ko na nalaman na may asawa’t anak pala sya hindi nya sakin binanggit all the time na magkasama kami at magkausap kami,” Kween Yasmin explained on her Facebook post.

She expressed her relief after finally discovering that he already had a family and that she was deeply hurt at how their relationship turned out. She noted that they had already broken up a long time ago.

“Biktima lang din po ako. Wala po akong alam sa mga nangyayari. Nakipaghiwalay po agad ako simula nung nalaman ko,” Kween clarified.

In a separate video, Kween asked people to stop bashing an individual named “Iyan Lita” who appeared to be working as a security guard, saying he was not involved in the issue.

“For everyone, stop bashing na po ayaw ko po masira image nya at please tigilan nyo na po kakacomment ng hindi maganda sa Wall ni kuya Iyan lita. Wala pong kami,” Kween wrote in another caption.

She insisted that the gifts she gave to her ex-partner were her choice and were not his demands. Her followers may recall that she had posted about giving gifts to her special someone in the past.

For months, the content creator had kept the identity of her significant other and only referred to him as “mine” in her social media posts. Two months ago, Kween shared in a lengthy post her gift to her “mine” to mark their nine months as a couple.

On July 26, Kween posted photos of her in a resort along with a video where a man’s voice could be heard. Her fans speculated that it could be Kween’s “mine” behind the camera but she clarified in the comments that they had already parted ways.

Kween Yasmin rose to internet stardom in 2018 for her wacky performances of popular songs using her high-pitched voice and powerful dance moves. She recently released her self-composed songs Laging Ikaw and Mine.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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