Lie Reposposa, British boyriend flex each other amid ex-PBB housemate’s cheating allegations


Lie Reposposa and British fiance Paul Joshua Marden seemed to be unbothered by the cheating allegations leveled against the former Pinoy Big Brother housemate.

Since the video of Lie allegedly kissing another guy at a bar in Makati circulated online, the two have remained mum on the issue. 

A screenshot taken by a TikTok user showed Paul’s supposed reaction over the kissing video.

“It’s crazy, we are engaged. We tell the public we are not because of her management but we are meant to get married in the new year. Can’t believe it,” Paul’s Tik Tok account @Coolguy032904 commented.

Despite the issue, Lie and Paul’s social media accounts appeared to indicate that all is well between them, with both of them earlier posting on Instagram a similar photo of them in a good mood.

The two also flexed a photo of each other via Instagram stories on Tuesday, with Paul even sharing a clip of them in an embrace.

The Birtish national also has sweet words for Lie in a video of her singing with former fellow PBB housemate Jelay Pilones. 

“You sound like you fell from heaven,” Paul commented in uppercase letters.

Lie replied back, “Aww thank you baby.” 

Lie first went public with her relationship with Paul last December. They announced their engagement last February.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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