Did Thai GL star Freen Sarocha just confirm relationship with BL actor Seng Wichai?


Thai actress Freen Sarocha has confirmed that she was the one in a kissing video with actor Seng Wichai that got leaked by a “stalking fan.”

Freen is best-known as the other half of the on-screen GL (girls’ love) couple, FreenBecky, together with Thai actress Becky Armstrong. 

On August 1, both of Freen and Seng’s agencies held an online press conference to address a leaked video of two people kissing rumored to be Freen and Seng. 

The two were accompanied by their management and lawyers to make an official announcement confirming that it was indeed the two of them in the video. It was not indicated when the video was taken. 

According to a fan’s translation of the press conference, it was said that an unidentified person secretly took a video of Freen and Seng while the two were at the actress’ residence.

On July 23, Freen received a message threatening her to pay a sum of money in exchange for her leaked photos and videos, or else these would be made public.

The actress immediately contacted her management, Idol Factory, about the blackmail. The agency consulted with lawyers to trace the stalker and found out that it was a “fan from overseas”.

Eventually, the stalker uploaded the video on social media even tagging Freen on the post. The video went viral and caused an uproar in the couple’s fanbases who were enraged for the invasion of the artists’ privacy.

Idol Factory said that they are now working with the International Law Office to take legal action against the offender. 

There appeared to be no admission or denial of a relationship with the actor but, as per a fan’s English translation, Freen apologized to everyone who was hurt and disappointed by the incident and wished that the fans would respect her decision to live her life as her own.

She also said that it has been mentally and physically tormenting for her and all the people that got involved. 

She also thanked those who showed concern and continue to support her.

Miss Trans Global 2020 and LGBTIA+ advocate Mela Hajiban has also spoken up about the news and encouraged FreenBecky fans to give Freen space and time to heal from the incident. 

“Dear #FreenBecky Fans,

I hear you. I feel you.

The best that we can do at the moment is to give Freen and Becky the space and time that they need. 

Let’s help them process their thoughts and feelings,” Mela wrote in her tweet.

“Freen and Becky’s friendship — even without and beyond romance — is beautiful. For me, the most romantic relationship is real friendship, especially that during the hardest parts. As fans, whoever they romantically love or like, may we continue to value this friendship,” she added.

FreenBecky recently visited the Philippines for the third time for a fan event in Smart Araneta Coliseum last July 4.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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