Belle Mariano shocked at herself for calling Donny Pangilinan ‘babe’: ‘Did I really say that?’ 


“Ako rin nagulat!”

This was Belle Mariano’s reaction to the trending clip that showed her calling her love team partner Donny Pangilinan “babe.”

In a recent vlog by TV writer Darla Sauler, it was discussed how the Kapamilya pair, popularly known as DonBelle, sent their fans into a frenzy with just one sentence: “Babe, try mo ‘yung lato-lato.”

Did Belle Mariano just call Donny Pangilinan ‘babe’?

The He’s Into Her star used the word “babe” to catch Donny’s attention as she was urging him to try playing the trending local toy “lato-lato.”

DonBelle fans were quick to catch on to their favorite loveteam’s apparent term of endearment, expressing their kilig on social media that “BABE TRY MO ‘YUNG LATO-LATO” was listed among the country’s top trending topics on Twitter.

A week later, Belle addressed the issue in an exclusive interview with TV Patrol’s entertainment segment Star Patrol, that she too was surprised upon hearing herself call Donny her “babe.” 

“Ako rin nagulat!” Belle reacted to the mention of her trending clip from Darla’s vlog. 

The actress shared that she had only realized that she had blurted out the word “babe” instead of ‘wait’. 

“For what I recall, I said, ‘Wait try mo ‘yung lato-lato, try mo ‘yung nato-nato’ ganyan, pero natatawa ako na ganu’n din ‘yung pagkakarinig ko,” Belle said.

She said that she even had to confirm it with others if what she and their fans heard was right. 

“Did I really say that?” the Kapamilya star said with a laugh before downplaying the viral clip, “Pero hindi po.”

Belle is currently gearing up for her upcoming first-ever solo concert, Beloved, at the New Frontier Theater on Saturday, July 22. 

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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