Vice Ganda and Ion Perez bare matching tattoos 


Celebrity couple Vice Ganda and Ion Perez flexed their symbols of love with five couple tattoos.

In Vice’s recent vlog titled Noi and Tuy Nagpadutdot, the couple showed off their new tattoos, which were designed to match when they hold hands or put their fingers next to each other.

Vice’s right hand was tattooed with the words “i am,” while Ion’s left hand shows “with you.”

The It’s Showtime couple also bears matching tattoos of a smiley face, king and queen symbols, a heart, and the word “forever” on their fingers.

An experienced tattoo artist who also happens to be one of the cameramen from It’s Showtime named Bryan, was the one they entrusted to ink their tattoos. 

“‘I am with you’ because as you can see we are very clingy to each other. Kaming dalawa ‘yung hindi kami mapakali kapag hindi kami magkasama,” Vice explained the meaning of their tattoos. 

“Smiley — kasi we are each other’s joy. He makes me smile, I make him smile. Jowa mo dapat source of joy mo hindi mo ini-stress ka ng jowa mo. Hindi ba dapat ang jowa mo pinapasaya ka at ikaw din dapat ang nagpapasaya sa jowa mo, hindi niyo dapat ini-stress ang isa’t isa,” the comedian added.

Vice and Ion held a wedding ceremony in Las Vegas on October 2021. The pair will be celebrating their 5th anniversary as a couple this October.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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