Security guard dismissed after throwing puppy to its death from overpass 


A security guard from a mall in Quezon City has been sacked from his job over the death of a puppy. 

In a viral Facebook post, concerned netizen Janine Santos on Tuesday called for action after the security guard brazenly threw the puppy off the footbridge, causing its death.

Santos cried foul over the incident, recounting that the guard was shooing off kids who had their pet dog with them to leave the area. 

“Pinapaalis nung guard ung mga bata, ayaw umalis nung bata. Ang ginawa tinapon nung guard ung aso mula footbridge,” Santos  wrote on Facebook. 

“Hindi tama yan!!!!! Napakalala mo!!” she exclaimed. 

Another concerned man confronted the guard over his act, but the latter allegedly just shrugged off the incident. 

“May isang lalaki po na kinausap ung guard ang sbe nung guard dun sa lalaki: ‘Wala akong pake.’ Lahat po ng tao na nakasaksi halos maiyak dahil sa kawalang hiya nung security guard,” added Santos.

Under her Facebook post, Santos relayed news from a veterinarian that the puppy was dead on arrival when it was brought to the animal clinic, and suffered nose bleeding and brain damage due to the fall’s impact. 

The establishment’s management and the security agency have since released statements addressing the incident saying they will conduct a thorough investigation on the matter.

The management also noted that the guard “has been dismissed and is no longer allowed to service any of our malls nationwide”. 

Animal rights group Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) also condemned the act of animal cruelty, saying it will file a case against the security guard in question. 

“The guard’s behavior and the act of killing the puppy is certainly what the Animal Welfare Act seeks to punish.

“PAWS is committed to file a case and hold accountable the person responsible for this horrific cruelty,” said PAWS in a statement. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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