Richard Gutierrez says he’s open to play gay roles


Richard Gutierrez opened the possibility of him playing challenging and relatable characters, including gay roles, in the future.

During his visit to London for the Kapamilya Kalayaan Karavan 2023, the actor was invited to an exclusive interview with TFC News where the conversation delved into his career, relationships, and family.

Richard currently plays the lead role of Apollo in the recently extended Kapamilya action-drama series The Iron Heart.

ABS-CBN journalist Rose Eclarinal presented a question from a viewer asking about Richard’s versatility as an actor: “Are you open to new roles like that of a madman, or even homosexuals?”

“As an actor, I like portraying different kinds of roles as long as it’s like exciting to me, relatable to me and it’s the character I want to tell the story of. Every character is challenging. You have to evolve and find connection with that character,” the actor said.

“Yes, I am open to different kinds of roles, definitely, as an actor, that’s always part of the job and exciting,” Richard affirmed.

But for now, Richard said that he prefers to focus more on portraying the action hero Apollo, especially with the addition of another season to the action series.

Aside from filming Barcelona scenes, he teased that new faces will soon be joining the show.

“Right now I’m kind of focused on this project because we just got extended and we’re thinking evolving the storylines and thinking of inviting other actors to come in as guests. My full attention now is in Iron Heart.” said Richard.

“Obviously, I have dreams and goals after this, but right now all my energy is focused on The Iron Heart.”

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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