“My mission is to see a million people becoming millionaires as well.”

Migs Flores, a 27-year-old entrepreneur and financial coach, has made it his mission to help other people improve their financial literacy and take control of their finances. With a deep understanding of the financial industry and a passion for coaching people through life, Migs has become an inspiration to many.

His coaching journey started when he met his mentors who taught him valuable lessons, which he generously shares through social media and in his coaching sessions. He wants to help young adults create a better financial future for themselves.

Are financial advisor, financial coach and insurance agent all the same?

As a registered planner of the Philippines and a financial coach, Coach Migs clarifies the difference between a financial advisor and an insurance agent as we often hear people use them interchangeably.

While financial advisors have a full understanding of the technical terminologies of the financial world, insurance agents basically focus on selling insurance. Financial advisors cannot be called as such if they don’t have an in-depth understanding with regards to financial management beyond just selling the products.

On the other hand, a financial coach is concerned with coaching people through life and broadening their understanding of financial habits, behavior, and profiles. He helps people realize their potential by showing them their blind spots and gaps but never crossing the line to tell people what to do.

Are you a beginner in investing?

For young adults who are new to investing, Coach Migs emphasizes the importance of awareness and focusing on studying the financial world more than investing. He wants to remind them to not get too hyped up about something that is trending online and jump on the bandwagon without having a full understanding of the subject.

As a financial coach, he is concerned about the ‘victim mindset’ of Filipinos. He wants young people to understand that once they reach the legal age, they have to take full accountability and responsibility of their actions as they could only change their life if they start stepping into personal responsibility.

Enjoy life now or enjoy life in the future?

Young adults can indulge themselves without sacrificing their savings. They can enjoy life now and at the same time enjoy life in the future by focusing on developing a discipline of savings as they will still have enough funds to invest.

According to Coach Migs, those who are resourceful and strong-willed, rather than the smartest or most attractive, are the ones who succeed and become rich. He urges them to be bold enough to create income and practice financial discipline, as he guarantees them to never deal with financial stress.

He also encourages young adults not to live their lives trying to impress others as this might only lead to financial struggles in the future. Instead, he advises them to take full responsibility for their finances and live a financially responsible life.

Filipinos are known for being talented, hardworking and resilient yet the country remains a developing nation. Coach Migs believes that there are several reasons for this, including a tendency to blame others, a lack of discipline, and a focus on impressing others rather than developing one’s own skills and abilities. He believes that financial identity is essential to achieving this success, and that anyone can achieve financial independence regardless of age or background.

Coach Migs still believes that the Philippines has the potential to become a first-world, developed country, but it will require a mindset shift and a commitment to personal development. Despite the challenges, he is passionate about helping people achieve financial success as he hopes to make it happen in this lifetime.

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