‘His voice is so good’: BTS Jungkook jams to Zack Tabudlo’s song


Zack Tabudlo couldn’t contain his happiness after learning that Jungkook of K-pop supergroup BTS listened to his song and added it to his playlist.

The singer-songwriter took to his social media accounts after waking up to being a hot topic online as Jungkook played his song, Give Me Your Forever, during a Weverse livestream on Tuesday night. 

The Binibini hitmaker went on to say, “I CAN NOW DIE IN PEACE HOLY SHT [emojis], he even said he added my song to his playlist.”

“So, I (just woke up) and apparently I was blowing up on social media because…. THE JUNGKOOK. THE GOLDEN MAKNAE. JUST LISTENED TO GIVE ME YOUR FOREVER,” wrote Zack reposting a video of Jungkook playing his song. 

“Next song is Give Me Your Forever by Zack Tabudlo,” Jungkook said in the video screen recorded by a fan account. 

“His voice is so good, I like it. I’ll be saving this song to my playlist,” he added. 

This wasn’t the first time a BTS member jammed to an OPM song. In 2022, V listened and even sang along to Paolo Sandejas’ Sorry which was included in his car playlist.

Lyka Nicart
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